The Guardian


60.96 x 60.96cm ( 24 x 24 in )

“The Guardian” – #3 from the collection “Celestial Palette” – $3,400

This canvas is handmade with 100% cotton and framed with solid North American basswood, kiln-dried for lasting quality.

The artist, Manon, has incorporated a range of media to create a powerful narrative and a distinct style in this acrylic painting.

  • A few of the painted flowers are embellished with 24k golden leaves, showcasing how nature is more valuable than gold.
  • On the ground, there are five genuine meteorite fragments from NASA-Kennedy Space Center, a “shooting star” that impacted Earth approximately 5000 years ago.

The story behind the artwork takes place in a dystopian future where Earth is no longer a hospitable place due to the toxicity levels caused by human activities. Natural disasters and pollution have destroyed all biodiversity, forcing humans to abandon their home planet for survival.

An astronaut has been sent on a special mission to see if life has reappeared on Earth. After weeks of searching, he miraculously discovers a flower, the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. The astronaut becomes the guardian of life, determined to make this unique flower survive and repopulate the planet.

This painting represents hope amidst grief and a shining light in dark times.

Each artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity, stamped on the back, and a unique serial number, indicated by a barcode on the back frame. Manon’s art is one-of-a-kind, original, and handmade. No reproductions or derivatives are available or permitted.

Shipping not included in price. Crated shipping is available and can be arranged. Contact for shipping arrangements.

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